About us

We're two women cyclists, friends and sisters-in-law!

We create bicycle accessories that are truly practical for everyday use, whatever the season!

We want to put an end to our own contradictions: in our daily lives, we prefer to travel by bike, but we buy accessories for our bikes that are manufactured thousands of kilometers away!

We make our children aware of the need to respect the environment, but as parents we often buy products whose manufacture is the opposite of the values we pass on to them…

With SUZON & SUZETTE, we’ve decided to change this by drawing on our own experiences as cyclists and mothers to create French bicycle accessories for adults and children alike, all in fun, colorful designs!

Suzon & Suzette deliveries are made by bike!

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Our funny anecdotes

Laetitia alias Suzette

Pêché mignon

Coffee, her drug (warning: don't talk to her in the morning before his third cup)


Beets (as a child, she used to throw them out of the kitchen window)

Her daily challenge

Getting children to school on time


Has 20,000 new ideas after a jog

Anne-Charlotte alias Suzon

Pêché mignon

Could kill to eat a teurgoule (kind of Norman rice pudding)


People who get angry on the road in the morning!

Her daily challenge

Keeping up with Suzette's ideas (and drinking her hot coffee)


Has never been able to keep her New Year's resolutions (has stopped making them)

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