A committed
French brand

100% French bicycle accessories

We both imagine our products, design them and develop the first prototypes. More often than not, our ideas come from our own experiences as cyclists, to make our daily cycling more comfortable.

Once we are convinced of the usefulness of our new accessory, we entrust all the stages of its manufacture (yes, we did say all!) to our French sewing workshops. Our products are made entirely in our three sewing workshops in the Lyon region and in Vichy.

In addition to the environmental considerations that are important to us, we want to honour French know-how.

We also give preference to French suppliers for all the materials we use to make our products.

Eco-responsible manufacturing

zero toxic products

Our products are made from Oeko-tex materials, i.e. free from toxic products or heavy metals, or organic.

Zero waste

We've always had a zero waste policy, reusing our fabric scraps to make other products. Our skirt clips are made from fabric scraps from our muffs and saddle covers! The faux fur scraps from our muffs are used to make our earmuffs. Nothing goes to waste at Suzon & Suzette!

zero plastic

We don't use any plastic packaging for our products and, of course, we prefer to deliver our products to our partner shops by bicycle.

Crafts and sewing

Our accessories are made entirely by hand by sewing workshops that employ people with disabilities or people who are far from employment (adapted companies, associations, etc.).

Buying our products means guaranteeing a job for people who find themselves in a precarious situation because of their disability or their personal life, and helping to create new jobs for the future!